FarmedHere: the freshest, healthiest and the most local greens in Chicago.

Environmentally sustainable, socially wholesome, economically viable: we make it happen.

FarmedHere® produce is grown indoors in urban facilities, away from the bugs, diseases, pesticides, and weather that impact most produce today. Our vertical growing technology and local distribution methods reduce energy use, travel time and costs tremendously, making this model one of the most sustainable ways to guarantee access to fresh, healthy produce in city centers, in any season. On average a head of lettuce travels 1,200 miles to reach your plate, our greens travel just across Chicago, which is why they’re the freshest.

Indoor farming isn’t new, but recent advances in lighting technology and farming methods allow FarmedHere produce to be grown more efficiently than on outdoor farms, while creating local city jobs and making post-industrial buildings alive again.


Technology: what is aquaponics and aeroponics?

FarmedHere pioneered commercial vertical farming in Chicago. Our indoor aquaponic and aeroponic growing systems create local produce and local jobs in a sustainable farming environment. We reuse 97% of fresh water, we use no herbicides nor pesticides, we grow year round, and we do not have to deliver more than few miles: as local as one can get.

USDA organic logo“Hydroponics” is simply growing plants without soil using a mineral rich water solution. After the development of greenhouses in the early United States, farmers were looking for alternatives to manure, which was the major fertilizer. W.F. Gericke, from University of California, coined the name “hydroponics” (from Greek hydros, water and ponos, labor) in 1936. Today, thousands of farmers use hydroponics to grow popular plants like green lettuce or tomatoes year ‘round.

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (raising plants with nutrient rich water) in the same water system. It is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in water and nutrients recirculating environment. Aquaponic systems discharge virtually no water. In today’s world, with advanced plumbing, water filtration and lighting technologies, aquaponic methods of growing plants and farming fish are the next step in hydroponics.

Aeroponic growing systems are an innovative way to hydroponically grow plants by keeping their roots in a nutrient rich mist. The aeroponic mist most efficiently supplies roots with all needed nutrients, required hydration, and adequate amount of oxygen. Aeroponics decreases fresh water consumption by recirculating most of it in a closed loop system.


FarmedHere Local Environmental Policy

To ensure we can grow the best produce and raise the best fish locally, FarmedHere takes all steps necessary to minimize the impact on the environment. Vertical farming greatly reduces carbon footprint and minimizes the use of fresh water. We grow, harvest, package, and deliver locally, in Chicagoland. We only work with Green Printers (as reported by the Printing Industry of America), who use soy based inks to further reduce the environmental impact. Our proprietary green paper packaging uses over 90% less plastic compared to the traditional boxes you encounter in supermarkets.


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